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    News / Updates — waterski handle

    A Vision becomes Reality!

    A Vision becomes Reality!

    Our goal is to make the waterski & wakeboard sport way more attractive as an recreational activity for everybody! With the CR WAKEBAR we want to transfer the well-known advantages of riding with a kite/surf harness to the world of towed watersports. In the known art the water-skier or wakeboarder needs to hold on to the waterski handle to get towed behind the boat. The disadvantages of this method are:
    • high pulling forces acting on arms
    • after a certain time period overload of the back/spine of the skier
    • tiring muscles are limiting the duration of the rides and the fun on the water

    With our WAKEBAR we reduce the pull on the waterski handle by 50% (mechanical advantage device; well known single movable pulley principle) which bears out following advantages:

    • great relief for arms and the back; no sore muscles
    • easy water-start with slalom ski, combo skis and wakeboard
    • the surf harness allows for longer & enjoyable rides
    • better control and balance: the wake harness lowers the pulling force to the center of gravity for a better control and balance
    • Automatic Quick Release: letting go or loosing hold of the handle will immediately release the connection to the harness - highest safety standard!


      For product specific information please visit our website http://www.capereamol.com