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    News / Updates — waterskiing

    Revolutionary Wakebar / See you at the Surf Expo / Fall 2016

    Revolutionary Wakebar / See you at the Surf Expo / Fall 2016

    Our goal is to make Waterskiing & Wakeboarding more attractive to the average rider. With our CR WAKEBAR we transform the known advantages of riding with a kite/surf Harness to the World of Waterskiing & Wakeboarding. 

    We will be at the Surf Expo in Orlando (FL) from September 8th to September 10th. There we will have the opportunity to present and demonstrate our WAKEBAR to more than 27,000 attendees.

    We attended the Surf Expo for the first time 2 years ago. Here a few impressions:


    Surf Expo September 2014 Boardsports Highlights from Surf Expo on Vimeo.

    A Vision becomes Reality!

    A Vision becomes Reality!

    Our goal is to make the waterski & wakeboard sport way more attractive as an recreational activity for everybody! With the CR WAKEBAR we want to transfer the well-known advantages of riding with a kite/surf harness to the world of towed watersports. In the known art the water-skier or wakeboarder needs to hold on to the waterski handle to get towed behind the boat. The disadvantages of this method are:
    • high pulling forces acting on arms
    • after a certain time period overload of the back/spine of the skier
    • tiring muscles are limiting the duration of the rides and the fun on the water

    With our WAKEBAR we reduce the pull on the waterski handle by 50% (mechanical advantage device; well known single movable pulley principle) which bears out following advantages:

    • great relief for arms and the back; no sore muscles
    • easy water-start with slalom ski, combo skis and wakeboard
    • the surf harness allows for longer & enjoyable rides
    • better control and balance: the wake harness lowers the pulling force to the center of gravity for a better control and balance
    • Automatic Quick Release: letting go or loosing hold of the handle will immediately release the connection to the harness - highest safety standard!


      For product specific information please visit our website http://www.capereamol.com





      New Product Launch in the U.S!

      New Product Launch in the U.S!

      Our CR WAKEBAR is unique in the market - a total game changer, because it transforms the way people practice towed sports such as wakeboard and ski, by enhancing not only the performance but also the satisfaction. The average water sport enthusiast can more easily participate and enjoy the sport because of the comfort acquired from getting towed “hooked in” to a harness.

      In towed watersports (waterskiing, wakeboarding) the skier or wakeboarder currently does not use any technical assistance, like a harness. The rider simply holds on to the handle and he gets towed by a boat or a jet ski. Cape Reamol recognized that there is an opportunity for improvement and invented an unique tow system which connects the rider with the boat/jet ski.

      Some of the water sports industry - especially the windsurf and kitesurf industry - realized early on that riding with a harness has many advantages. That idea was never transferable to waterskiing or wakeboarding, because until today there wasn’t a tow system that could have been safely used by the rider. Cape Reamol developed a tow system (the CR WAKEBAR) which is very unique and allows the water-skier or wakeboarder to safely use the assistance of a harness.

      The advantages of the CR WAKEBAR are not limited to riding with less fatigue; the pull at the harness comes much closer to the body’s center of gravity which improves the rider’s posture and control significantly. This product definitely improves the waterskiing/wakeboarding experience and it will make towed water sports more attractive and user friendly for the average user.